Bubble Bursting!

Hey there! Bubble Buddies from around the world. I recently did a stint of live music streams and a couple of very cool interviews on the a Brisbane based music streaming show hosted by Doug De Jong featuring Chris Barclay on the first of 3 interviews. Next up were 5 artists from my network The LMM Network and lastly 5 Kiwi Rock Super Stars joined Doug and I to speak about our music and the New Zealand music industry. It is always. Labour of love creating music and artworks so I want to thank all of you who have been a part of my journey over the years. There is a lot of life in this body of mine and 2020 has opened several doors for me to run through and run with the amazing opportunities these door opening have revealed which will all be mentioned in my blog and newsletter in the coming weeks. So please join my mailing list and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Lets enjoy the “Bubble Bursting”!!!