LIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL – LMVF London Music Video Festival 2020

Check out the schedule for live streaming our very first London Music Video Festival HERE Counting down the hours HERE I am very excited to announce my inclusion in the first ever live streaming music video festival from a London based initiative a few very cool guys decided to put on and organise to help promote indie artists from around the world. The boys found me on Facebook and invited me to submit my latest video “Changed My Life (Remix). Being reviewed by my fellow artist and voted by you has been a highlight for 2020. Thank you Byron Taylor for filming and editing my video you are a truly creative soul. I am grateful to all the support to pursue my dream of making the top 20 in the UK Charts and I’m well on the way to achieving this goal set when I was barely able to understand the concept of the rest of the world and what it would take to pursue music and the arts as a full-time occupation. It’s been a wild ride so far and the best is yet to come? LAx