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Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter and recording artist LA Thompson has shared her love of music through dance, sound, poetry, whatever outlet she could find along the path we walk, sometimes run! Born in Torbay on the Northshore of Auckland, LA, known as Shirley to her friends and family, has enjoyed a busy career as a front person, and behind the scenes promoter for her fellow artist. Working with top producers for film and music, LA shares her latest song "Re-Mixed" Changed My Life followed by a 21 track tour of New Zealand and Australia. The music videos to compliment her songs are stunningly filmed, produced and edited to TV quality in the hope she can make an impact on the world's media stage. 'Re-Mixed' New Sun Rising is a combination of 10 re-produced, mixed and mastered songs. A passionate songwriter expressing life's journey through sound, words, visual and experience, LA will take you to places that inspire and make your body and soul tingle, the hairs stand up on your skin and an overwhelming sense of peace and harmony followed by moments of excitement as the songs build and cascade to the waters edge, not to drown but to shimmer in light and love. LA's voice is like the ripples of water brushing our shores, sometimes crashing through waterfalls over rocks to land gently like a droplet of rain down a window pane.  

Well done LA Thompson!

A real nice singer-songwriter but even more a supporter of other talent. Well done LA Thompson!

I can’t thank her enough

The things she has done for me and is doing for me, I can’t thank her enough! The support she has given me towards my music and so many others is second to none! What an amazing lady!!

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Changed My Life
"Re-Mixed" It's Raining
Changed My Life
You Said
It's Raining
Reach Out
New Sun Rising
Without A Sound
Time On My Hands
A Crowded Room
Know Where You're Going

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