Cyberspace Concert

Find me on Facebook live streaming every Tuesday or Wednesday from 5pm and if you like what you see and hear please visit me on Bandcamp to donate a dollar or more for my song/s. Lots of cool covers and a bunch of my own songs combined with a look into my personal gallery of artwork not displayed in public until now. Have an inspiring time, ask questions if you would like to interact and please leave me a comment to read during the little breaks I take to speak with you all!

Hourly Schedule

Lets party!

From 3pm - 3.30pm
"Re-Mixed" New Sun Rising
Welcome to my home at Tahawai Cabin Retreat in the beautiful Bay of Plenty


Apr 21 2020


Day and time may adjust to suit you!
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Shirley Howe


Shirley Howe
+64 27 529 5916
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